Simply intellectual. This is how one could define the timeless style of interior designers Vina Matos, Portuguese from Lisbon and Anne Herzog, Scandinavian from Oslo with Swiss roots.

They have managed to mix their two very different original spirits and make them converge magnificently in producing very warm, cosy interiors, yet strong, and linear as well, where a blend of antique and contemporary furnishings and objects meet in a unusually creative manner.

Special attention is given towards the recycling of abandoned objects and materials that are brought to new life and splendour thanks to the imagination of these clever young ladies.

Solutions studied by them manage to harmonise perfectly with the original character of the home they are applied to, whether a Villa in the Tuscan Hills, a penthouse overlooking the Mediterranean Sea or a flat in downtown Copenhagen.

An invisible thread follows their subtly joyous and energetic approach with an impeccable attention down to the finest minute detail, where wise and inspired use of different materials blend perfectly playing different parts whether old wood and steel, or stone and crystal rock or perhaps plastic and resin.

Elective affinities unite these young ladies and a Mediterranean touch can soon be detected in the early stages of their work that subsequently blossoms into a superb contemporary home but where a strong artisan and hand crafted feeling can be immediately detected.

And this is perhaps more possible to achieve from their adopted city, Florence, that has been early cradle to the best hand crafts and has inspired artisan excellence for centuries.